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Happy Holidays! (Masterlist of Fic & Art)

Hello, everyone! Ariadne here, taking over for Santa Eames since he... has left his post to engage in a variety of unwholesome activities with his favorite elf. It's about time, anyway, especially since Arthur pulled that move yesterday with the peppermint candy and the gingerbread icing. And let's not even mention the sexy santa outfit and the vibrator, please. Those two. It's like they're always in heat or something.

More importantly, though... We all want to take this opportunity to thank you for making this project a success. To all the participants who contributed such wonderful works, and to all the readers and commenters who made it more than worthwhile-- THANK YOU SO MUCH! We hope that in turn, we've made December enjoyable for you as well in what small way we could, and that the rest of the month will be kind to you.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone, and may 2011 be everything you could ever dream of!


[December 25th] Talk Up, Bend Down

Talk Up, Bend Down
NC-17 - 4074 Words
Author : jibrailis | Artist : red_rahl

Summary : Arthur and Eames get snowed in and tell each other dirty stories to pass the time.

There was once a therapist named Eames. A sex therapist.Collapse )

On The Merits of Checking The Calendar
PG-13 - 3385 Words
Author : gyzym | Artist : platina & sandrocks

Summary : In which Arthur is forgetful and Eames still isn't the Old Spice man.

The first clue should really be the fact that Eames wakes Arthur up.Collapse )

[December 25th] Kangaroos Are Arseholes

Kangaroos Are Arseholes
NC-17 - 2607 Words
Author : cthonical | Artist : pseudonc

Summary : Kangaroos are still arseholes. (warning : gunplay)

“That,” Eames says, dropping his third cigarette butt of the last half hour...Collapse )

[December 25th] can’t hurry love

can’t hurry love
PG-13 - 4903 Words
Author : liketheroad | Artist : bluestraggler

Summary : Mal and Dom invite Arthur and Eames over for Christmas. Spoiler: IT’S A TRAP.

Arthur is halfway up Mal and Dom’s front steps...Collapse )